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Department Of Industrial Engineering And Management

The department was started in B.I.T. in 1986. Since then it has been catering to the needs of excellent managers in the production industry. The department has Dr. M.C. Jagath as Prof. & H.O.D. The teaching staff is well experienced in teaching and research, exposing the students to industrial environment, production and management.
Industrial Engineering is concerned with the design, improvement and installation of integrated system of men, material and equipment. It refers to that multi disciplinary function which encompasses various areas of Science, technology, economics, engineering and operations management that is used for achieving higher overall productivity and profitability leading to an economic uplift of society as a whole and the industry, business or services in particular. Keeping this broad perspective in mind, the highly expert faculty has ensured that the students churned out from this department are of the highest caliber. Thus, we at the industrial engineering & management department have resolved to keep our commitment to the present day management of technical industries.
The department of Industrial Engineering and Management of B.I.T. has a well equipped virtual NC lab, industrial engineering lab, production technology lab, measurement lab and gauging lab. A state of art computer labs with software like ERP, IGRIP and QUEST. This ensures that the students of the department get enough practical experience besides the theoretical concepts.

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