The CAD laboratory is furnished with modern computers with software like C / C++, AUTOCAD etc.


This is the hardware section equipped with CNC milling CNC drilling machines table top robot etc.

Metrology Laboratory:

With instruments like autocollimator, tool maker's microscope, UMM etc; the lab inculcates the measurement and calibration skills.

Machine Tools & Metal Cutting Laboratory:

It has more than 20 lathes, shaping and planning, grinding machines and also HMT precision lathe and drilling machines for students to practice machining skills.

Manufacturing Laboratory:

This lab is having jig boring, draw bench & HMT CNC machine to make students aware & practice advanced manufacturing concepts.

Industrial engineering Laboratory:

It is equipped with projectors to view films on material handling recording techniques etc. The students put to use the rules of work study & ergonomics for developing appropriate methods, layout & designs.

Foundry & Welding Shop:

It has equipment for melting, molding & casting of metals. The welding shop besides having the conventional welding equipment is now equipped with modern welding facilities.

RDBMS & SQL Laboratory:

This lab is equipped with software like ORACLE, MS Access.

Simulation laboratory:

This lab is furnished with latest software of ERP like IBCS, Makess, Promodel/Arena / Deneb Simulation packages etc.

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